Research Students 2016

Hanien Conradie

Art as Agent for Change: Ecological awareness in the South African landscape

Informed by radical ecological theory, Hanien Conradie explores ‘belonging’ by establishing relationships with threatened indigenous plants and other matter endemic to particular landscapes in the Cape Floral Region, where she was born.

Conradie has a transdisciplinary approach which is informed by various disciplines such as botany, ecology, natural law, psychology and philosophy. Her paintings include installations with matter and reflected light effects, painterly video documentation and pieces drawing on conventions of botanical illustration and preservation. Her work focusses mainly on the medium of painting but also includes delivering public lectures and workshops, dialoguing with local farmers and conservationists and curating environmentally focussed exhibitions.

Hanien Conradie is currently engaging in an interdisciplinary PhD research programme through the Environmental Humanities South. Her research topic explores how artistic practice can assist in expanding ecological awareness within the South African context.