Research Students 2013

Francois Knoetze

Francois Knoetze completed his BFA at Rhodes University in 2012. He specialises in sculpture, using trash and other discarded objects as a creative medium. His work also incorporates film and performance as vehicles through which to further explore the symbolic and aesthetic potential of the materials used in his sculptures. The primary concern of Knoetze’s work is the blurring of boundaries between body and object as a product of a consumer-driven culture. His work explores the personification of things and the objectification of persons by retracing discarded materials back to their sources – through homes, freight trains, factories, farms and shops – presenting an expansive account of the value systems and network of processes responsible for the commodities we accumulate. A large part of his practice comprises spending long periods of time sourcing materials from scrap-yards, recycling plants and trash dumps. During the first half of his Masters degree he will be working on a short film titled Cape Mongo, which will feature a series of site specific performances in and around Cape Town.