Nobukho Nqaba is taking part on Getxo Photo in Spain

  • 05/09/17

Alumni, Nobukho Nqaba is taking part on Getxo Photo in Spain. This photo festival, now in its tenth anniversary, is curated by Bilbao-born Monica Allende.

GETXOPHOTO, which shows most of its images outdoors stands out for its radical defence of public space as a place for encounter, recreation and reflection. Along with the unusual supporting mediums (giant canvasses, papered fa├žades, coasters, vinyl displays) that GETXOPHOTO often employs to show the images, special attention will be given this year to new narratives and technologies, virtual reality and audiovisuals. Nobukho Nqaba appears on STORIES Where do we come from? Where are we going? GETXOPHOTO hones in on the effects brought about by globalization through a window of stories.