Lunchtime Lecture: Plakking stamps: a few dissenting voices

Justin Davy
  • 25/03/15
  • Time: 13:00 – 14:00
  • Venue: Commerce Lecture Theatre Hiddingh Campus, 37 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Contact: 021 480 7111

Justin Davy talks about the recent PLAKKERS exhibition

Justin Davy talks about the recent PLAKKERS exhibition with reflections on some of the dissenting voices who are plakking stamps on a unsuspecting city. Plakking stamps is a phrase derived from Cape Town patois. It refers to giving unwanted, unsolicited and often annoying opinions on a subject.


Justin Davy is an artist and curator based in Cape Town. He is a member of Burning Museum, a collective of artists who engage public spaces and the practices of remembering and forgetting embedded in them. Their most recent work, Manufractured, involved a metrorail train journey reimagined as a mobile museum.  An an emerging curator, Davy has been responsible for two exhibitions related to contemporary Cape Town, including the Three Abdullahs: A Geneaology of Resistance and more recently PLAKKERS held at Brundyn+, where he works as a curator. He is currently working on a number of projects, most notably a much needed curated list of the best Gatsby take away shops in the city.