Research Students 2016

Nina Carew

The Ordinary Archive of Extraordinary Times

My thesis locates itself on the threshold of private-and-public space, between past-and-present memories within a fraught South African society. Through theoretical exploration I aim to explore the role of the archive as well as the creation of ‘the archive of ordinariness’. What is seen is the need to reframe the archive due to its political power as it enhances and perpetuates ideologies and social norms. This gap in the archive, where I locate myself, is a space to rethink colonial subjectivities allowing for the re-reading of such diverse histories. My research will stipulate that this is a history that has not been dealt with, and that such trauma is still present in the creation of the ordinary archive. Whether as a notion, impression, concept or anti-concept, the image of the archive is a useful focal point for bringing together issues of re-presentation, interpretation and reason for the creation of the ordinary archive.