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Marilyn Martin

Senior Scholar

+27 (0)21 650 7127




BA (Hons) UNISA; MArch, Wits University.

In May 2001, after eleven years as director of the South African National Gallery, Martin was appointed director of Art Collections for Iziko Museums. Prior to her career in the museum sector she was senior lecturer in the Department of Architecture, Wits University. Since her retirement from Iziko Museums in 2008 she has been working as an independent writer, curator and lecturer.

She was a member of the National Arts Council from 1997 to 2004 and a trustee of the Arts and Culture Trust until 2007. In 2010 she was appointed to the Council of Iziko Museums. Her biographical listings include Who’s Who of Southern Africa and The International Who’s Who of Women.

Martin has curated exhibitions of South African art in Brazil, Denmark, France, Mali and the USA, and has served on many panels for art and architecture, including the Dakar Biennale (2000, 2010). She was co-curator for the exhibition Picasso and Africa; she curated the retrospective exhibition on Louis Maqhubela for the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg in 2010 (it travelled to Cape Town and Durban) and 1970-1990: A Legacy for the Association of Visual Arts in Cape Town.

Martin is a Visiting Professor at Kingston University, London, in 2009 she was an acting leave replacement at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and in 2012 she was appointed on contract as lecturer in Visual and Art History. She is currently a senior scholar at the School. Martin has written numerous articles on art and culture in national and international publications.

In 2002 Martin was admitted to the Legion of Honour of the Republic of France at the rank of Officer and in 2013 she received the medal of the Fondation Alliance française in Paris.


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Recent articles in international and South African journals:

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  • A Vigil of Departure Louis Khehla Maqhubela – His Life and Work (1960-2010). 2011. Nka. 28: 20-33. Since 2008 Martin has contributed reviews to Art South Africa; she is a contributor to the arts pages of Die Burger.