Masters Graduate Exhibition – Alice Gauntlett – Out of Place

  • 24/02/15 – 11/03/15
  • Venue: Michaelis Gallery
  • Contact: 021 480 7111

Alice Gauntlett - Out of Place

Masters Graduate Shows

The Masters in Fine Arts programme is a stretch of time in which graduates cut their teeth through a rigorous interrogation of their art practices within a two-year dedication to their projects. The process, although supervised, is a predominantly self-motivated endeavour, and exemplifies the highest standard of practice at the Michaelis School of Fine Art.


Alice Gauntlett
Out of Place

Alice’s photographs explore the home, the uncanny and the body.  She has photographed her body performing within personal spaces of her studio, family home, and her mother’s new house.  In the photographs her body is obscured in shadows, behind architecture and through blurring and movement.  These elements all enhance the feeling of being out of place.

The works show a fractured and fracturing view of the relationship between the body and home space. This is negotiated and renegotiated through various actions, or performances; the performance of the body in the space which is then documented; and the transformation of the photographs, through sticking, cutting and stitching.  Actions which reconstitute each other in the fracturing of space and body and then stitching again in order to cosset and repair the image.